Roberto Tiella

Senior Technologist

+39 0461 314381

Short Bio

Current Work

Since August 2010, I'm working in the Software Engineering Unit. In this period I explored various topics:

  • software quality and software quality metrics (link)

  • metrics for enhancing web sites testing (link)

  • automatic test generation for grammar based testing (link, link)

  • fault reproduction (link)

  • code obfuscation (link)

  • automatic legacy code porting

More recently (2018-today) I'm involved in the development and testing of model-based systems in general, and railway systems in particular.

Further interests

Educational Robotics (link)

Past Experiences

Aspire Project (2014-2017). The mission of the ASPIRE project was to integrate state-of-the-art software protection techniques into an application reference architecture and into an easy-to-use compiler framework that automatically provides measurable software-based protection of the valuable assets in the persistently or occasionally connected client applications of mobile service, software, and content providers.

During 2013, I have been working in the FITTEST project. FITTEST was an European project (2010-2013) that developed an integrated environment for the automated and continuous testing of Future Internet Applications.

In 2011, I've been working for the IBT project which was aimed to port a system written in a legacy programming language to Java.

From December 2004 to July 2010, I worked in the Provote Project (link) which was devoted to develop and test an e-voting solution for the Provincia di Trento. The project was a join effort of many partners, among them: Università degli Studi di Trento and Informatica Trentina. In ProVoTe, I was mainly in charge for defining the software architecture of the e-voting system.

During the development of the voting application, I've created, in collaboration with Silvia Tomasi, a tool for translating a set of UML statecharts specifying the behavior of a reactive software system in a java implementation (link). The tool also allows to perform some model-checking based verification on the specified statecharts.

From May 2003 to November 2004, I've been involved in the definition of the architecture, and the development, of the Moleskiing Project (link) a tool which merges blog technologies, j2me with some social software ideas.

Starting from Jannuary 1994, I've spent the first six years of my working life in designing and developing software systems in the network management area for a telecommunication company, and the next three years in the R&D division of the same company.

In July 1993 I got my MSc in Mathematics from the Università degli Studi di Trento.