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GAUSS (Governing Adaptive and Unplanned Systems of Systems) is a PRIN project funded by MIUR. The GAUSS project will deliver the methodological enablers required to identify, integrate, and manage “emergent” Systems of Systems (eSoS). These require dynamic and opportunistic engineering due to their intrinsically variable nature tied to their scale and heterogeneity. GAUSS will release a set of integrated technologies to address these engineering problems of eSoS at runtime, when specific execution contexts may invalidate design-time solutions.

iV4XR (intelligent Verification and validation for eXtended Reality). The current XR authoring and development toolset poses no XR testing technology beyond rudimentary record and replay tools that only work for simple test scenarios. iV4XR project (EU H2020, Grant number: 856716) aims to build a novel verification and validation technology for XR systems based on techniques from AI to provide learning and reasoning over a virtual world.

E-LEarning with Virtual interAcTive Experience (Funded by PAT, LP 6/1999) Project proponent and coordinator  Delta Informatica, partners: APSS Trento and FBK (
The objective of the ELEVATE project is to deliver a framework for the creation and management of interactive-video exercises for the market of  distance learning in professional training.