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Technical reports



  • TR-FBK-SE-2016-1: Gunel Jahangirova, David Clark, Mark Harman, Paolo Tonella:Test Oracle Assessment and Improvement . Tech. Rep. FBK-SE (May 2016)


  • TR-FBK-SE-2014-1: Itzel Morales-Ramirez, Anna Perini, Mariano Ceccato. Towards Supporting the Analysis of Online Discussions in OSS Communities: a Speech-Act based Approach. Data Analysis. Tech. Rep. FBK-SE (December 2014)


  • TR-FBK-SE-2013-1: Luca Sabatucci, Mariano Ceccato, Alessandro Marchetto, Angelo Susi: Requirement Validation with Stakeholders: An Experiment to Study the Pertinence of Comments. Data analysis. Tech. Rep. FBK-SE (January 2013)
  • TR-FBK-SE-2013-2: Mariano Ceccato, Cu Duy Nguyen, Alessandro Marchetto, Leonardo Mariani, Paolo Tonella. A Family of Experiments to Assess the Impact of Automated Test Case Generation on the Accuracy and Efficiency of Debugging: Data Analysis of Five Replications. Tech. Rep. FBK-SE (June 2013)
  • TR-FBK-SE-2013-3: Mariano Ceccato, Andrea Capiluppi, Paolo Falcarin, Cornelia Boldyreff. A Large Study on the Effect of Code Obfuscation on the Quality of Java Code. Detailed Analysis of Data. Tech. Rep. FBK-SE (July 2013)
  • TR-FBK-SE-2013-4: Itzel Morales-Ramirez, Anna Perini. Semi-Automated Identification of Actors' Intentions in OSS communities. Tech. Rep. FBK-SE (November 2013)


  • TR-FBK-SE-2011-1: Cu D. Nguyen, Alessandro Marchetto, Paolo Tonella: A Simple Format for the Specification of Service Integrator Assumptions Tech. Rep. FBK-SE (Jan. 2011).
  • TR-FBK-SE-2011-2: Chiara Ghidini, Chiara Di Francescomarino, Marco Rospocher, Paolo Tonella, Luciano Serafini: BPMN Visual Rule Language for Business Process Aspectization.(Feb. 2011).
  • TR-FBK-SE-2011-3: Francis Palma, Angelo Susi, Paolo Tonella: Using an SMT Solver for Interactive Requirements Prioritization. Tech. Rep. FBK-SE (Mar. 2011)
  • TR-FBK-SE-2011-4: Mariano Ceccato, Cu Nguyen Duy, Alessandro Marchetto, Leonardo Mariani, Paolo Tonella: Debugging tasks supported either by manual or automatic test cases, Analysis of two replications: Trento and Milano  (September 2011)
  • TR-FBK-SE-2011-5: Nauman A. Qureshi, Ivan J. Jureta, Anna Perini: Adaptive RML: A Requirements Modeling Language for Self-Adaptive Systems. Tech. Rep. FBK-SE (June 2011)
  • TR-FBK-SE-2011-6: Luca Sabatucci, Mariano Ceccato, Alessandro Marchetto, Angelo Susi: Empirical Assessment of the Ahab Leg's Dilemma: Analysis of Pilot Data (September 2011)
  • TR-FBK-SE-2011-7: Paolo Tonella, Angelo Susi, Francis Palma: Interactive Requirements Prioritization using a GA: Complete Results (October 2011)
  • TR-FBK-SE-2011-8: Cu D. Nguyen, Alessandro Marchetto, and Paolo Tonella: A Language For the Specification of Domain Input Classifications. Tech. Rep. FBK-SE (November 2011)


  • TR-FBK-SE-2010-1:Nauman A. Qureshi, Ivan J. Jureata, Anna Perini: On runtime requirements adaptation problem for self-adaptive systems Tech. Rep. FBK-CIT (Dec. 2010)
  • TR-FBK-SE-2010-2: Nauman A. Qureshi, Mirko Morandini, Cu D. Nguyen, Anna Perini: A Tool-Supported Development Process for Adaptive Systems. Tech. Rep. FBK-SE (June 2010)


  • TR-FBK-SE-2008-1: Mariano Ceccato, Thomas Roy Dean, Paolo Tonella. Inference of a structured data model in  migrating a legacy system to Java.
  • TR-FBK-SE-2008-2: Paolo Tonella, Chiara Di Francescomarino. Business process concern documentation and evolution.