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Improving the quality of life for the elderly and disabled through technological progress. That is the goal of project A-CUBE, financed as a “Grand Project” of the Autonomous Province of Trento. The project consortium includes several research units fromFBK, DISI - University of Trento, CreateNet, and Fondazione Don Gnocchi of Milano. A-CUBE’s goal is to study technologies for monitoring complex environments that can be applied in areas such as assisted living homes to help personnel, as well as to support the independence and safety of users. Using distributed sensor networks (DSNs) it will be possible to monitor, the areas of a rehabilitation center, an institution for Alzheimer sufferers, or similar facilities in order to detect events, situations, and activities even in complex scenarios with many people. A typical situation might include sensor detection of abrupt movements or of prolonged immobility which might indicate a fall or a patient in difficulty. In that event, the system could immediately send an alarm to personnel in the facility. DSNs are made of highly autonomous wireless nodes with low environmental impact, they are able to sense, calculate, and communicate data. The goal of A-CUBE will be to build a high reliability, non-invasive DSN network at low cost. The A-CUBE DSN will need to configure itself automatically and operate intelligently in accordance with the data it senses.