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Angelo Susi

  • SKYPE: angelo.susi
  • Phone: 0461314344
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Short bio

I am a researcher in the Software Engineering Unit of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler. I received my degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Rome "Sapienza", Italy. I joined the software engineering unit in FBK in 2000. My main research interests are: Requirements Engineering, in the area of requirements elicitation and analysis through informal and formal methods techniques; Search-based software engineering, in particular in the study of meta-heuristics to be applied to the problems of requirements and test cases prioritization and management; Machine learning, with the development of algorithms to be applied to decision-making problems in requirements management. Goal-oriented requirements engineering, where the focus is that of developing and refining several aspects of Tropos methodology, a goal-oriented framework that supports the whole software development process from domain early analysis to the system implementation; Risk analysis, where the study concerns the application of software engineering techniques to the identification and management of risks. 

Research interests
Requirements engineering Goal-oriented requirements engineering Search Based Software Engineering Machine learning
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