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Joint UNIGE-FBK PhD Student Scholarship Offered in Software Testing (Automated Testing of Web Applications)
Application deadline - June 10, 2016


Joint UCL-FBK PhD Student Scholarship Offered in Requirements Engineering!/?project=157
Application deadline - May 2, 2016

Mauricio at REFSQ 2016

Mauricio Pitangueira has presented the paper: Antonio Mauricio Pitangueira, Paolo Tonella, Angelo Susi, Rita Maciel and Marcio Barros, "Risk-Aware Multi-Stakeholder Next Release Planning using Multi-Objective Optimization" at REFSQ 2016.


The following paper has been published in TOSEM: 

Mariano Ceccato, Alessandro Marchetto, Leonardo Mariani, Cu D. Nguyen, and Paolo Tonella. Do Automatically Generated Test Cases Make Debugging Easier? An Experimental Assessment of Debugging Effectiveness and Efficiency. ACM Trans. Softw. Eng. Methodol. 25, 1, Article 5, December 2015, 38 pages. DOI


The paper:

Antonio Mauricio Pitangueira, Paolo Tonella, Angelo Susi, Rita Suzana Maciel, Marcio Barros, Risk-Aware Multi-Stakeholder Next Release Planning using Multi-Objective Optimization

has been accepted for presentation at the REFSQ 2016 conference. 


Internship students Nicola Volpato and Nicolo' Angeli, who worked in the SE unit under the supervision of Angelo Susi, have been awarded for their project "Modellazione e simulazione multi-agente per l'identificazione di situazioni di rischio". SE contributed to the initiative with two more projects, realized under the supervision of Roberto Tiella: "Major Tom – un robot (FBK) per il teatro” (Alessandro Foradori, Gianluca DeStefano, Giovanni Palilla, Giovanni Rizzi) and "Acceptance test automatico di interfacce grafiche" (Simone Mariotti).


Like a telegraphy system, a phone system or a computer network, software can be viewed as a means of information transmission. Different kinds of programs, e.g.  interactive, distributed, parallel, batch programs, can have more or less complex models using information theory. Slightly surprisingly, information theory models seem to be able to tell us things about the software testing process. In the context of input/output semantics, test suite adequacy and diversity, test generation efficiency, oracles, and coincidental correctness have all been modelled.


Marcio Barros from Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, co-supervisor of our visiting PhD student Mauricio Pitangueira, gives a talk on the Next Release Problem.


SSBSE 2015, the seventh edition of the annual symposium dedicated to Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE), will be held in Bergamo, Italy, between September 5-7, 2015. Paolo Tonella will be General Chair of the event, which is organized by FBK. Search-based Software Engineering studies the application of meta-heuristic optimization techniques to various software engineering problems, ranging from requirements engineering to software testing and maintenance. More information is available at: