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ISSTA paper accepted

News date: 
Sunday, 17 April, 2016

The following paper has been accepted for presentation at ISSTA 2016:

Gunel Jahangirova, David Clark, Mark Harman and Paolo Tonella, Test Oracle Assessment and Improvement.

Abstract: We introduce a technique for assessing and improving test oracles by reducing the incidence of both false positives and false negatives. We prove that our approach can always result in an increase in the mutual information between the actual and perfect oracles. Our technique combines test case generation to reveal false positives and mutation testing to reveal false negatives. We applied the decision support tool that implements our oracle improvement technique to five real-world subjects. The experimental results show that the fault detection rate of the oracles after improvement increases, on average, by 48.6% (86% over the implicit oracle). Three actual, exposed faults in the studied systems were subsequently confirmed and fixed by the developers.